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Snap-on 1ooth Anniversary 5/50 Green Felt Pilsner
Beer Label

A Celebration of a Century of Innovation
Snap-on Tools, one of the oldest and most prominent tool manufacturers in the world celebrated their 100th year in 2020. To celebrate, Snap-on approached Pixelpaint with a logo branding development and illustration opportunity by creating a product label for their limited edition craft brew to commemorate their history. Unveiled at the Snap-on Leadership Conference Awards Dinner in February, the beer showcased their rich heritage as an innovator of tools. The name "5/50 Green Felt Pilsner" was a nod to the original "Five Do the Work of Fifty" tool set and the green billiard cloth on which it was displayed by Snap-on's traveling salesmen in the 1920's. To truly showcase the quality of the tools, it was said, the salesmen presented the tools as a jeweler would present fine jewelry. This presentation was also to evoke the idea that mechanics’ tools were just as precious and important as surgeons’ knives. This elevated the mechanics’ work to the highest form of craftsmanship and celebrated the "Dignity of Work", which continues to be a defining principal of Snap-on to this day.

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