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Snap-on 1ooth Anniversary Celebration Beer Logos

A 6-Pack of Beer Identities.
With the success of our design for the 5/50 Green Felt Pilsner commemorative beer label a year earlier, Snap-on once again called our number. When the pandemic put a damper on Snap-on's 100th Anniversary celebrations in 2020, they decided to host a day long celebration in 2021 for their past and current employees and their families at their corporate headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin complete with food, drinks, exhibits and entertainment. With the help of Rustic Road Brewery, a local craft brewery specializing in micro brews, Snap-on requested five beers and one hard seltzer to be branded to emphasize their history and tradition. Pixelpaint designed a custom logo for each beverage to help bring fun and excitement to the event and a little something memorable to the patrons that day.

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