Snap-on Industrial Quarterly Promotional Catalog Series

Informational Sales Material

The long running, quarterly sales catalogs for the Snap-on Industrial division received a graphic design refresh starting in 2019. These ongoing sales materials are full of useful tools and in-depth information aimed at critical industries such as Aerospace/Aviation, Oil and Gas, Heavy Machinery Repair, Fleet Maintenance and Governmental Agencies. Designed as a sales catalog and also as an informational "leave-behind" brochure, Snap-on Industrial Sales Representatives rely on these catalogs as their "go-to" for selling cutting edge tools and equipment to meet the needs of critical industries around the world.

2020 Q3 Promo
2020 Q2 Promo
2020 Q1 Promo
2019 Q4 Promo
2019 Q3 Promo
2019 Q2 Promo
2019 Q1 Promo
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