Snap-on Beach Towels

Promotional Marketing

Promotional items continue to be useful marketing products for Snap-on Tools, and Pixelpaint has designed many of them. None, however, have been more fun and challenging as the current Beach Towel Series. Snap-on Tools tasked Pixelpaint to breathe "new life" into an existing promotional product line to give it more appeal while keeping the focus on Snap-on's core brand and corporate mission. Obviously the end goal of the product was to sell tools, but in addition, it was designed to be a useful product in and of itself: a colorful "tool" of summertime fun. The result has been a best selling promo item since 2013.

2020 Beach Towel
2019 Beach Towel
2018 Beach Towel
2017 Beach Towel
2016 Beach Towel
2015 Beach Towel
2014 Beach Towel
2013 Beach Towel
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